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Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Over the course of the last several years, I have had a rather sudden exposure to our Country's healthcare industry. I have met some great healthcare workers from nurses to doctors to technicians and everyone in between. I probably wouldn't be here without those people. After three strokes, a heart attack and a cancer scare  , I feel very fortunate every morning I wake up and put my feet on the floor. The people  I have met and the services I have received along the way for the most part have been exceptional, and I might even say amazing when you see life saving  technology in action,
but dealing with insurance issues have sometimes been a nightmare.

 The latest happened yesterday.

I have been under the care of an outstanding Opthamologist who in my opinion has been working miracles to save and restore my eyesight. Yesterday I had an appointment with him and he noticed my eyes were irritated and I told him I thought it was just allergies from all the spring pollen.

I guess it has been a tough spring for many with allergies and he offered to prescribe allergy drops for my eyes.

OK, so far so good. Relief , I thought, was in sight, No pun intended.

Before I reached the parking lot from the Doctors Office, I was already getting an automated text messge from the Doctor's Office, confirming that a prescription had been sent in to the Pharmacy I use and it included a link to a phone app, GOOD RX, to check pricing and other information on the prescribed drug.

Good Rx  is a great app and I look at it often to look up prescriptions as well as instructions and side effects. It is a great resource and the "GOOD RX" app is free.

So anyways, I was a little surprised when the Pharmacist called and said Insurance needed a "Prior Authorization" from the Doctor before they could fill the prescription.
I had already looked up pricing on GoodRx. so I said to the Pharmacist that I was a little surprised that they would require a "Prior Authorization " for a $63.00 prescription.

I was floored with her response. She said $63.00 was the price if I paid "out of pocket" , since it was going through Insurance, the price was actually $210.59. An almost 300% markup on eyedrops. ( And loansharking is illegal, this should be also) This should be criminal to gouge the Public like this and if it was any other business the Justice Department would be investigating and indictments would be forthcoming.

And this is just one of many examples I could give. I had one prescription that I had been paying out of pocket before my stroke, my cost was $28.00 and I gladly paid it After my stroke, my Insurance company refused to pay for the $28.00 drug because "It wasn't part of their protocols", whatever that means, I guess that might be Insurance speak for "we don't get kick backs from that company". But instead they were willing to pay for a comparable substitute at almost $1,000.00 a month. $28.00 or $1000.00. big Insurance opts for the $1000.00 alternative

And we wonder why the system is broke

Our Insurance system is broken and needs to be fixed


After last weeks vicious assault and stabbing of HPD Officer Jill Kidick, Hartford Firefighters are showing their support for HPD and all first responders.

Traditionally there has always been a rivalry of sorts between Police Officers and Firefighters. That is all put aside at times like this, and Hartford Firefighters came up with a special show of support this week.

The thin Blue Line flag , which is a sign of law enforcement, is now being flown on the back of Hartford Fire Department as a show of support for Law Enforcement. According to HFD Chief Reggie Freeman "We are all brothers and sisters in Public Safety"

The show of support from what I am told, started at Engine 2 on North Main Street and was quickly supported by the Hartford Firefighters Union , who purchased additional flags to outfit the apparatus.

The Thin Blue Line flag on the rear of HFD Engine 1

Wishing a speedy speedy recovery for Officer Jill Kidick

Thursday, May 17, 2018



A veteran Hartford Police Officer was critically injured today responding to a disturbance that was related to property damage involving a landlord and tenant. Below are the details as they have been reported to HPD Major Crimes Detectives:

On Thursday, May 17, 2018 at 9:40am Hartford Police Department patrol officers responded to the apartment building at 5 Constitution Plaza on the report of a disturbance involving a female tenant of the building. On arrival, Hartford Police Department patrol unit #12, made contact with the suspect (Female- Chevoughn Augustin) on the 9th floor. At some point during the investigation a struggle ensued and the suspect knocked the officer to the ground, grabbed a large ceramic kitchen knife, placed her in a choke hold and began stabbing the officer in the neck. The officer managed to radio for assistance.

A 10-0 (Officer in distress/Emergency call) was initiated and all available HPD officers responded to the location. Building management and maintenance workers were in the immediate area, heard the struggle, and came to assist the officer. The maintenance workers were able to subdue and disarm the suspect. Back-up officers arrived and began immediate bleeding control and life-saving measures. Back-up officers carried the officer down to an awaiting ambulance. The officer was bleeding badly from the neck and unable to communicate. Back-up officers also secured the suspect and knife. The injured officer was taken to Hartford Hospital ED.

HPD Major Crimes Division and Crime Scene Division detectives responded to the scene and assumed the investigation.

The suspect was taken to St. Francis Hospital and treated for a minor laceration to her hand. Upon release she was taken to the Hartford Police Department Major Crimes Division. The suspect was interviewed and was cooperative with HPD detectives. Following the interview the suspect was taken to HPD booking and charged with Criminal Attempt Murder; Assault 1st, Assault on a Police Officer and Criminal Mischief 3rd. She is currently being held without bond.

Chevoughn Augustin 11/30/78 5 Constitution Plaza Apt. 903

(Note: the accused has aliases and detectives are working to confirm her identity)

The officer was immediately listed in critical condition with her jugular and trachea lacerated. Hartford Hospital doctors took the officer to surgery. The officer is out of surgery and in the ICU currently listed in critical/stable condition. The officer’s family is with her and has asked that her name not be released until arraignment, as they work to notify extended friends and family. 

Building management and the maintenance workers were interviewed by MCD detectives. Major Crimes detectives confirmed, if not for their immediate intervention, this scenario would have been fatal.

At the request of HPD and the Officer's family, I will not be posting her name at this time, but please keep her in your thoughts and prayers during this critical period in her recovery. And please keep the rest of our Police Officer's and first responders in your prayers during these difficult times.

Friday, April 27, 2018


I am not sure if the Hartford Board of Education has received the memo yet that the City of Hartford is broke.

I think the BOE, its members and the Superintendent might be under the impression that they are not accountable to the people of Hartford or its taxpayers. The reckless spending detailed in two of my previous posts are in the links below, but yet the reckless spending continues.

Another perfect example of the out of control spending is about to take place and the details and the origin are somewhat bizarre..

I was tipped off by a source to some crazy spending this week, and the spokesperson for the Hartford Schools confirmed the sources information. Several other sources with knowledge have also confirmed and provided more details for me.

Recently, Joseph Sikora , retired as the Director of Security  for the Hartford Schools. Sikora was a retired Lieutenant  from the Hartford Police Department before going over to HPS.I am not sure what the selection process was to replace Sikora. At least three sources familiar with the process told me that  BOE Chair Craig Stallings pushed for retired HPD Chief Daryl Roberts to  ascend to the position of Security Director for the Hartford Schools.

Apparently that choice was made without the approval of the Hartford Superintendent.

Some sort of rift has developed between Roberts and the Superintendent and the Hartford Schools have now created  a "cabinet position" under the Superintendent.

Although Roberts was apparently hired on Stallings urging as the "Director of Security", the new Cabinet position will be called the "Executive Director of Internal Investigations and Security".

Roberts salary will be  $107,458 per year plus benefits. The new "Executive Director" will be paid $135,000 per year plus benefits..

According to sources, the role of the Executive Director essentially will be to oversee Roberts and control his interactions with the Superintendent. This has been verified by the HPS spokesperson Zayas  who stated that Roberts will be reporting to the 'Executive Director"

The position of the Executive Director of Internal Investigations has already been filled by a retired Connecticut State Police Major, Alexander Rios.

Now by all accounts I have received from sources familiar with the BOE and Law Enforcement officials, Rios is more than competent to fill the position.

Alaexander Rios was last promoted from Lieutenant to Major with the Connecticut State Police after serving as a Trooper for over 20 years. Rios served as the commander of Troop C, Troop A and the Bureau of Professional Standards. Rios has also served in Troop H andf Troop K  and the Central District major Crimes Squad. Rios holds a B.S. degree and resides in Manchester.

Again, Rios appears to be competent for the position, but can we really be talking about closing schools over budget issues and then be creating "Executive Director" positions due to perceived personality conflicts?

Monday, April 23, 2018


Below is our program from today where  Hyacinth and I spoke with Hartford's Police Chief David Rosado  and his newly appointed Assistant Chief Raphael (Ralph) Medina.

We talked about a variety of subjects including body cameras, staffing, recruitment. quality of life enforcement and more.

Chief Rosado has shown to be very approachable. if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to him or Chief Medina.

There  was a small glitch at the very beginning with still photos of a couple blighted properties, but the conversation starts immediately after that.

Sunday, April 22, 2018


 On Sunday, April 22, 2018, a city wide Multi-Jurisdictional A.T.V. (All-Terrain Vehicle) operation was conducted and led by the Hartford Police Traffic Division. The operation included Traffic Division personnel, Community Service Officers, Auto Theft Detectives, C-4 Division, and the V.I.N. Division.

Surrounding agencies also assisted, including members of the Wethersfield Police Department, Newington Police Department and the Connecticut State Police.  The collaborative effort led to the arrest of the listed (10) ten individuals for various charges. Officers seized (14) fourteen all-terrain vehicles, which included a mix of both Dirt Bikes and Quads.

Officers also seized a U-Haul van and Dodge pick-up truck that were used to transport the A.T.V's, and Marijuana.  Nine out of the Ten arrested individuals are non Hartford residents.

Seized items are listed below:

(14) Fourteen all-terrain vehicles, including a mix of dirt bikes and Quads. Seized: One UHAUL Dodge van, (Arizona AH51782) containing three dirt bikes and one scooter. Seized: One 2005 Dodge Ram Pickup truck (Rhode Island 123303) containing two dirt bikes. Recovered: Several bags of Marijuana recovered from arrested individuals.

Arrested were:

1. Devin De La Cruz  (D.O.B. 4/22/98) 49 Star Street Pawtucket RI - Operation Prohibited City Ordnance     22-120, Disorderly Conduct, and Interfering with Police.
2. Andy Flores (D.O.B. 6/21/97) 57 Salmon Street Providence RI - Operation Prohibited City Ordnance     22-120.
3. Ramon Pavel (D.O.B. 10/17/89) 51 Hyat Street Providence RI -  Operation Prohibited City Ordnance 22-120
4. Victor Felix (D.O.B. 1/24/93) 76 Dart Street Hartford CT -  Operation Prohibited City Ordnance 22-120, Disorderly Conduct and Interfering with Police.
5. Jeremy Crespo (D.O.B. 10/14/94) 659 High Street Holyoke MA - Operation Prohibited City Ordnance     22-120, Possession of Marijuana and Interfering with Police.
6. Joshua Guzman (D.O.B. 7/10/93) 1 Gresham Street Springfield MA -  Operation Prohibited City Ordnance 22-120 and Possession of Marijuana.
7. Alan Cerdena (D.O.B. 9/1/88) 18 Warrenton Street Springfield MA -  Operation Prohibited City Ordnance     22-120 and Possession of Marijuana.
8. Isiah Torres (D.O.B. 10/22/99) 174 Rosemary Drive Springfield MA - Operation Prohibited City Ordnance 22-120 and Possession of Marijuana.
9. Gian Irizarry (D.O.B. 5/5/98) N.C.A. New Britain CT - Operation Prohibited City Ordnance 22-120 and Possession of Marijuana.
10. Juvenile - Operation Prohibited City Ordnance 22-120  Arrested Juvenile:  Tyler Street Springfield MA - Operation Prohibited City Ordnance 22-120.

All of the offenders, except one, were from out of state.

A great job by HPD and all agencies involved. Hopefully this will be  a regular occurrence until the message gets out.

Monday, April 16, 2018


Slippery Luke gives up

In a move today that was not a surprise for many, Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin abandoned his "exploratory" bid for Governor.

Bronin's sense of arrogance and political entitlement apparently collided today with reality, forcing Bronin to give up his run. Many observers, myself included, often wondered what Bronin's track record as Mayor was that made him feel he was competent enough to run for Governor. Bronin's two years in office as Hartford's  Mayor have not yielded much as far as vision for the City of Hartford's future.

A State engineered bailout of Hartford's crippled finances was largely orchestrated by Bronin's previous employer ,Governor Malloy, and the Connecticut Legislature. Although the bailout provides a short term fix for Hartford's finances, there has been very little, lasting structural change for City government.. Bronin was successful though in painting Hartford's Labor Unions as the major part of the problem in what many saw as a "union busting" effort as soon as he took office. Probably not the brightest move for someone considering a run for Statewide office, where Union support is critical for success.

 Bronin also showed that his word was less than honorable to the people of Hartford. Bronin had promised during the Mayoral campaign that he would complete his full four year term if he was elected, a promise that he quickly opted to break when he announced his  intent to run for Governor. Nopw that he decided to drop out of the Governor's race, his guilty conscience has apparently forced him to reconsider his Mayoral campaign promises.  According to a statement issued by the Bronin campaign,   "as I’ve considered the road ahead, I’ve kept my commitment to Hartford at the forefront of my mind.  After thinking hard and wrestling with this decision, I have decided to end my exploratory committee and stay focused on my work as Mayor.".

At least until another political opportunity for advancement comes along.
And for anyone keeping track, Bronin's Administration has had more turnover in staff than a Trump Whitehouse.

The Bronin campaign for Governor never seemed to gain much traction  statewide, and more importantly even less in Hartford. A major upset came a couple weeks ago when one of Bronin's contenders , Ned Lamont, received the endorsement of Connecticut's current Attorney General George Jepsen.

According to a source familiar with the Bronin campaign, a large amount of the campaign funds raised by Bronin were paid to the firm of another former Malloy insider, Global Strategies and Roy Occhiogrosso. A payment of $66,000 was listed on Bronin's recent campaign filings for "polling". According to the source, those polls showed Bronin running a fourth place finish to other Democratic candidates vying for the Governor's seat, behind Susan Bysiewicz, Ned Lamont, Joe Ganim and Jonathan Harris.

Although Bronin's "exit strategy" claimed that he made the decision to be able to focus on the needs of Hartford and devoting his time to be Mayor of Hartford, it seems like a convenient excuse for his sudden exit. The needs of the City of Hartford seemed to take a back seat recently as Bronin bounced across the State  attempting to garner support for his ultimately failed bid.

Here are the most recent financial  filings for Bronin's campaign.

Here is the Bronin campaign's statement on his demise:


Says, "We’re making progress in our City every single day, and I’m excited to keep working to make a better future for Hartford a reality."

(HARTFORD, CT) – Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin today announced that he will continue serving as Hartford Mayor and will not enter the 2018 Governor’s race.  

“After four months spending evenings and weekends on the road all across our state, I’m confident that there is a path ahead in this primary and in this general election for our campaign.  We’ve gained strong support from delegates heading into the convention.  And thanks to thousands of supporters, we’ve raised enough money to be confident of reaching the threshold for public financing under the Citizens Election Program.  

“But as I’ve considered the road ahead, I’ve kept my commitment to Hartford at the forefront of my mind.  After thinking hard and wrestling with this decision, I have decided to end my exploratory committee and stay focused on my work as Mayor.  

“While our State may be at a critical moment, our city is, too.  Last fall, we were able to build new partnership with the State of Connecticut — marrying new financial assistance with long-term accountability.  I believe deeply that agreement was the right and responsible path, not just for Hartford but for Connecticut.  As legislators and others threaten to undo that work, I want to be able to make the case for maintaining that new partnership without regard for politics.  I want to fight as hard for Hartford in the coming months as I have over the past two years.  

“I also don’t want my status in this race to be a reason for people to condemn or politicize the agreement we reached with the State.  I don’t want anyone to undermine our City as a way of getting at me, and I cannot let Hartford’s future become the casualty of a political fight.  

“I want to thank the many people who supported my campaign, and the many Hartford residents who asked me to stay and continue the good and tough work we’re doing in our City.  We’re making progress in our City every single day, and I’m excited to keep working to make a better future for Hartford a reality.”

Wednesday, April 4, 2018


Hartford City Employee Tyler Walker

During the month of March 2018, City of Hartford Department of Public Works Supervisors requested assistance from the Hartford Police Department Intelligence Division/C4 with a possible theft of city fuel by a Public Works employee. The employee, identified as Tyler Walker, had filled up a city owned portable refueling truck with close to 100 gallons of city gas on several occasions. The purpose of this vehicle is to refuel city vehicles in the field, but the amount drawn from the city pumps was inconsistent with current refueling needs. DPW supervisors who track fuel amounts noticed this issue, suspected possible theft, and brought it to HPD.
The city refueling truck (Truck #115) is equipped an Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) and a retroactive search of the AVL data throughout March showed that it made several out of town trips and several trips to the secluded city owned rail lot behind the Xfinity Amphitheater on New Rd. The HPD Intelligence Division deployed a covert portable security camera in the area of the rail lot. On the night of March 31st the refueling truck was seen meeting up with a tractor trailer and appeared to refuel the privately owned (non-city) vehicle.

An operation was planned for the night of Tuesday April 3, 2018. HPD Detectives observed Walker towards the start of his shift (3pm-11pm) filling the refueling truck to capacity at the city gas pumps. Several hours later Walker was observed, through surveillance, traveling to East Hartford where he pulled into a garage bay at 91 Charles Street. Detectives then saw the refueling truck pull out of the garage and begin to refuel a privately owned flatbed (Gardner Transportation). A take down ensued and Walker, along with two co-conspirators, were safely taken into custody. DPW Supervisor were notified and responded. During a debrief of the accused suspects at 50 Jennings Road, Walker admitted to selling the gas at a price of $150.00 for 100 Gallons and stated he had done it "several" times since February at  several locations (East Hartford, and the Rail lot), all for personal profit. Walker and his co-conspirators were all arrested for Conspiracy to Commit Larceny in the Second Degree (Defrauding a Public Community), a Class C Felony.

The refueling truck was returned to 40 Jennings Road and the Gardner Transportation flatbed truck was towed incidental to the arrest.
Future arrest warrants pending for previous thefts and transactions.

“This morning we fired a of City of Hartford, Department of Public Works employee for theft of city property. While this is unfortunate, I am proud of our DPW supervision for using established protocols and quickly noticing the fuel deficit. Our DPW supervisors contacted HPD immediately and assisted as needed in the investigation. Thankfully we’ve established asset protection on many levels through the use of technology. With our strong partnership with HPD, we were able to seamlessly share that technology to assist HPD C4 detectives. “ Chief Reginald Freeman (Acting Director of DPW)

Monday, March 26, 2018


 Wheelchair basketball is offered as an adaptive sport on many college campuses, but not UCONN

In the same week that UCONN Athletics announced the hiring of a new Men's Basketball coach at a salary expected to be worth over $2.75 million in the first year, Connecticut's State University also announced it was scrapping plans for a wheelchair basketball league.

Dan Hurley, the new UCONN Men's coach,  will have a base salary of $400,000 but will make at least $2.75 million in his first season, with supplemental income from media fees, speaking appearances and other perks. He could make up to $3.5 million in the contract's final year.

This decision by UCONN is wrong and also disgusting on so many levels. It sends a clear message that potential students are only wanted if they are "able bodied" and there is no place at UCONN for students with disabilities wanting adaptive spots programs.

I guess athletic departments are measured by their potential to win titles and not by the lives and character they actually build in the students and community.

As the proud Uncle of a Paralympian who is just returning from the Winter Paralympics in South Korea, I will admit, I am somewhat blinded by Andrew's success story. I have also been able to see first hand the development of a young man facing the challenge of living with Cerebral Palsy and how much it has built his character by being involved in adaptive sports and succeeding and excelling.

I have also seen the effect Andrew has had on others just through his attitude and facing his challenges head on. No one that has met Andrew and sees how he pushes himself to meet his goals can ever sit back and feel sorry for themselves when they are having a "bad" day.

And it is not just Andrew. I am sure anyone willing to play in the wheelchair basketball team would be an inspiration to the UCONN community as well as being perfect Ambassadors for the disabled community and showing that barriers can be broken down, especially when it comes to the perception of people living everyday with disabilities.

My sister, Andrew's mother, is a UCONN graduate. Her other son is also currently a Junior at UCONN. Both of them, as well as Andrew have spent countless hours working with and mentoring other adaptive athletes to encourage them and help them develop as full members of society.

UCONN should be focused on breaking down barriers for persons with disabilities, not helping to reinforce them.

This decision is wrong and needs to be reconsidered.
Anyone one of us could be facing a potential disability tomorrow through no fault of our own , Whether by medical  condition or through an accident or trauma, I am pretty sure we would all hope we would be treated equally and have the same opportunities if we choose to go after them, not to be shut out by a narrow minded decision such as UCONN's.

The  video below is just one more example of the wide reaching influence of my nephew Andrew Haraghey and changing the minds of people towards those with disabilities or in Andrew's case exceptional ABILITIES. You can learn more about Andrew and his adaptive sports quest at

Friday, March 23, 2018


Hartford's new Police Chief, David Rosado is beginning to make key appointments and changes to his management team.

According to sources familiar with the moves, an Assistant Police Chief will be coming into the HPD as of April 6th from the outside. Sources say the incoming  Assistant Chief is currently a Connecticut State Police Lieutenant, known for his "no nonsense" style of leadership.  He is currently a State Police Troop commander and has dealt with some of the worst cases Connecticut has ever seen, , including the Petit home invasion and murder arrests as well tracking down and arresting the driver responsible for hitting and  killing a Connecticut State Trooper several years ago on I-91 in Enfield.

The position  of Assistant Chief remained vacant for several years under former Chief Rovella.

Others inside of the Hartford Police organization were also considered and offered the Assistant Chief position, but residency requirements requiring them to move into the City proved to be a deal breaker. Maybe it is time we look at that residency requirement and decide whether it helps or hurts the City and its residents.

At least one HPD Lieutenant is on the rise to the rank of Deputy Chief. Lieutenant Sonia Watson is reportedly being promoted to the rank of Deputy Chief as of next Sunday. Lt. Watson is currently in charge of HPD' s Special Investigations Division(SID) . Lt Watson's role in SID will be taken over by current headquarters Lieutenant Rebecca O'Shea. Deputy Chief Watson will oversee HPD Support Services.

Current Deputy Chief Joseph Buyak will be moving into the perfect role for him, Chief of Patrol. Buyak currently oversees the South half of the City, and his move should be a huge morale booster for the Patrol Division. Patrol is often overlooked as other specialized units take the spotlight, but Patrol is the backbone of any Police Organization and even as a Deputy Chief, Even though Chief Buyak has served in many positions throughout his career at HPD I think Chief Buyak's heart has always been in patrol and with the men and women in uniform on our streets .

Deputy Chief Brian Foley will continue to be Foley and serve as the  public voice of HPD and social media specialist. Foley will continue to oversee the Departments investigative divisions also , as he has been doing since his promotion to D/C several years ago. Foley's openness and transparency, under the guidance of former Chief Rovella, has  drawn huge benefits to acceptance by the public in the current climate by many looking at the Police.

Deputy Chief William Long will assume the position of Chief of Operations. There is probably no one currently at HPD more familiar with the departments operational status than Long. Long has been a "behind the scenes " type guy and is probably not known to most people in the public, but not much goes on at HPD without Long's imprint being left on it, from vehicle purchases to operational plans for the Traffic Division events.

Deputy Chief Robert Ford will no longer be in charge of the North Operations. I am told his focus will be on the three member Accreditation Unit.

And finally, Deputy Chief Rendock will remain in  his position as to who knows what , managing I have no idea.

Lieutenant Brandon O'Brien will be transferred to the position of Internal Affairs commander, and the current commander of IAD. LT. Michael Coates will flip-flop into O'Brien's current position  as commander of Vice,Intelligence and Narcotics (VIN).

Chief Rosado will also be implementing a "Coffee with the Chief " program soon. Chief Rosado will be inviting small focus groups to sit down and discuss HPD with members of the community. Rosado promises to buy the coffee,but no word on the availability of donuts. If you are interested, be sure to give the Chief your contact information to be included.

And speaking of promotions, or more appropriately new jobs, which former HPD Chief has been tapped to be the new Director of Security for Hartford's Schools? Just a hint, your first guess will most likely be wrong.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


The Sage Allen clock in better days

Empty sidewalk where the "Sage Allen" clock used to stand

We have all heard how "time flies". In this case "time flew". The historic Sage Allen clock was knocked off its base this past week by a City DPW bucket loader clearing snow off of the Main Street sidewalks in preparation for the Saint Patrick's Day parade crowds.

According to Hartford's Fire Chief and Acting DPW Director Reggie Freeman, the base of the cast iron clock was rotted and was not actually hit by the loader but the pile of snow being pushed snapped the clock from its base.

Chief Freeman says the City will cover the expense of repairing and replacing the clock on the sidewalk, where it has stood since 1889.

From Wikipedia: The store was known for the free-standing 'Sage-Allen' sidewalk clock, a local landmark built in 1899, that was located on the Main Street sidewalk in front of the store until the clock was damaged in a windstorm in 1992. The clock was later repaired and erected on another sidewalk in the city. Its importance as a Main Street landmark was known to the re-developers of the Sage-Allen building, and a deal was struck to return the clock to its traditional place. A clock specialist was called upon to restart the clock after its return to Main Street in the summer of 2007.

Monday, March 5, 2018


Tomorrow will be election day in Hartford for only one  House district. Town Committee elections for the Fourth District, (downtown Hartford and portions of the Southend)will be the only areas where a legitimate challenge has been launched. A challenge in the Sixth District was derailed after illegal activity and forged signatures were uncovered , eventually the so called "Peterson Slate" was ruled invalid after an unsuccessful Court challenge.

The fourth district has the incumbent slate and the "challenger" slate competing for votes tomorrow. The choice is politics as usual or maybe some new blood and new ideas from the challengers.

All too often we just hear about Town Committee candidates every two years when they are campaigning for votes . One of the unique factors about at least three of the challengers is that they have made names for themselves by being out in the community regularly  and assuming a "watchdog" type role over Hartford Government.

Challenger Anne Goshdigian has shown that she is willing to put her neck on the line and stand for what she believes in. Anne initially challenged the Dillon Stadium Project and was extremely vocal against the project and uncovered much of the Fraud  that  eventually led to a Federal Grand Jury and arrests and Federal Prison time for the developer . Anne eventually also assumed the role as a vocal opponent of the Stadium Deal. trying to protect Hartford taxpayers from years  of  unnecessary bonding and debt.

Challenger Leslie Hammond has assumed a similar role to Anne, becoming a regular attendee at City Hall meetings for the Hartford City Council, the Hartford Stadium Authority as well as many other meetings and being an active  "cheerleader" for the City.

A third challenger worth a good look is a well known face to most Hartford residents. J Stan McCauley over the years has found his niche as the communicator for Hartford's political establishment, Stan can be found at many events with his video camera over his shoulder to document what is going on in Hartford to eventually be posted on his Public Access network  and other social media. Stan plays a critical role in educating people on what  is normally unseen but what goes on behind the scenes

Hartford Democratic Town Committee politics often highlight the bad and the ugly as opposed to the good. This years cycle has run true to form , especially the bad and the ugly with fraud, deception and disgusting dirty tactics. The three people I mentioned above may actually start making a difference if only given a chance tomorrow

Sunday, March 4, 2018


Andrew outfitted with his team uniform in the Paralympic Village

My nephew Andrew Haraghey boarded a flight yesterday morning for a 17 hour trip to Pyeongchang , South Korea.

After years of hard work and training, Andrew qualified for the US Paralympic Alpine Ski Team. It is a quest that many of you who read this blog have assisted with through your support and donations over the last few years. Here is one of my past postings about Andrew,

I have written about him several times here, but much of the credit has to go to his immediate family, especially my sister Sheryl , Andrew's mother, for her never ending quest to encourage her son. Sheryl has over the last few years been tireless in her fundraising efforts to pay for Andrew's quest as well as writing a book and illustrating it describing Andrew's efforts, maintaining his website with information, and just basically being Andrew's "manager" , and countless trips to Vermont's Mount Snow for Andrew's training. Sheryl is also an Adaptive Ski Instructor and still volunteers many hours at Mount Snow working with skiers with disabilities

Here is an update I posted in 2014 about Andrew's efforts

Sheryl has dealt with airlines to get reduced airfare rates for Andrew's trips to various ski locations in Colorado and Canada and his training around the Country , worked with organizations such as the Enfield Elks to host spaghetti suppers to raise the necessary funding, and spent endless weekends at Brown's Harvest pumpkin patch in  Windsor painting pumpkins to raise funds and selling the "Andrew Rocks" painted rocks , which proved very popular. And she did all of this while still maintaining her own career and being a devoted mother  to her youngest son Ryan and wife to her husband Rich

And although this posting is about Andrew, I have to give credit to Andrew's younger brother Ryan, who has many times remained in the shadow due to his brother's "notoriety"Ryan started off skiing with Andrew and then also becoming a mentor in the adaptive skiing program at Mount Snow, skiing along side and assisting other skiers with disabilities.

Ryan is always there for his "big" brother. When they were both in High School, Andrew was in the marching band for Fermi High. Due to his Cerebral Palsy, I think Andrew knew he was going to have problems marching the whole Memorial Day Parade in Enfield route a few years ago, his "little" brother Ryan stepped up and pushed Andrew in  his wheelchair the entire parade route so that he could be part of the band's celebration

I don't think Andrew has ever seen himself as disabled and I think that spirit shines through today in accomplishing the first step in his goal to make the Paralympic Ski Team. There were challenges as well as injuries along the way, but Andrew has always bounced back. Andrew lives with Cerebral Palsy, but it doesn't rule his life and I wish every child born with a disability had the same strong family , parents and community around to support them as Andrew has.

It quite frankly scares the hell out of me when I was watching the recent Olympics and came to the realization that my nephew, Andrew Haraghey, the kid that we were never sure if he would ever walk, would be coming down those same slopes at 65 or 70 miles an hour as a member of the US Paralympic Ski Team

Best of luck Andrew. Stay safe and stay healthy. Continue to be the inspiration that you are to everyone. Beijing 2022

You can read more about Andrew at his website Andrew Races

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Wednesday, February 21, 2018


More on this later, but here are the documents.

The legal brief's submitted to the court are below.

Krayeske Peterson Brief on Scribd


Friday, February 16, 2018


Just a quick update. The drama between the dueling 6th District Democratic Town Committee slates continues today in Hartford Superior Court.

According to sources familiar with the case, today's testimony may revolve around work done by a Private Investigator regarding residency  trying to build the case that 6th District incumbents knowingly falsified documents.

The attorney for the 6th district incumbents apparently was trying to make the case yesterday that being truthful about the addresses they swore to as their residences didn't really matter as long as they slept somewhere in the boundaries of the district.

Stay tuned as this soap opera continues

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Hartford is devoid of any real political leadership and here is just one more example. The Southend of Hartford is starting to boil over  on the topic of the contested Democratic Town Committee race. 
Why is a good question and allegations are being fired back and forth from both sides now, and in the end, it will probably be a Superior Court judge who will make the final ruling.
The uproar started over a lawsuit filed by Hartford Attorney John Kennelly alleging improprieties in the obtaining of required petitions by the challenge slate. You can read more about that here  :
Now the challenge slate are claiming improprieties of their own against the endorsed slate. The so called "Peterson Slate" is claiming that petitions were obtained improperly by the endorsed slate and that false addresses were used by "petition collectors"  when they certified the authenticity of the petitions.
One candidate prominently mentioned in the counterclaim is 6th District Town Committee member Jacqueline Nadal, wife of Hartford Councilman James Sanchez. As a side note, Sanchez is employed by the Metropolitan District Commission, also known as the "MDC". The MDC is Chaired by William DiBella, the father of Hartford's Democratic Town Chairman Marc  DiBella.
In the petition certifications, Nadal claims her residence as  646 New Britain  Avenue in Hartford, while her husband, Councilman Sanchez signed off on the petitions as 370 Freeman Street. Do they maintain separate residences since their marriage or is there more to the story?

The true story may lie in  loan documents obtained by "We the People" In which Nadal obtained a loan from the City of Hartford for the property she claims as her residence. In agreeing to accept the loan from the City of Hartford, Nadal agreed to maintain the 646 New Britain address as her bona-fide place of residency

According to sources familiar with the original petitions, Nadal had originally listed her address lawfully on her petitions as 370 Freeman Street and then subsequently "whited out" the address and wrote over it the 646 New Britain address, allegedly to make it appear as thought the 646 New Britain Avenue was in compliance with the residency requirement of the loan.

Further documents obtained by "We the People" showed that the Quit Claim Deed for Nadal and Sanchez's purchase of the 370 Freeman Street residence were handled by Hartford attorney Kathleen "Kate" Kowalshyn. Kowalshyn is also the spokesperson, or "Chairperson" of the current 6th District Town Committee.  The document was sworn to in front of her by Councilman Sanchez and in two locations it shows the "grantee's Address" (Sanchez) as 370 Freeman Street yet in various petitions Nadal swears that her address is 646 New Britain Avenue , the whited out/corrected address on the petitions. Interestingly , in addition to  on the documents Kathleen signed off to as their authenticity, she notes at the top of the document " After recording, please return to James and Jacqueline Nadal Sanchez at 370 Freeman Street..."

 So which is it? Were the election petitions false and an attempt to game the system, or was it a temporary lapse of judgment for Nadal, forgetting where she resides with her husband, the Councilman and MDC employee James Sanchez?

I guess we will have to wait for Judge Shapiro to answer that question and shine some light on how dirty Hartford's politics really are.

And again, in the effort of full disclosure, I attempted to get a comment from Attorney John Kennelly on the matter but I was unable since his Office phone has a recording that "The number you are calling is not in service, the number has been disconnected"

Only in Hartford.

 At least one other source familiar with the 6th District incumbents petition process claims that she knew Nadal was not listing the proper address, and when that was questioned, apparently Nadal claimed that the Democratic Registrar of Voters had told her it was "OK" to list the incorrect residence .
Counterclaim by Defendants 2018-02-14 by Kevin Brookman on Scribd